The Changing Work Centre provides progressive ideas for the modern world of work. The centre hosts debate and undertakes new research on the changing world of work, what it means for the workforce and how government and politics should respond.

The Changing Work Centre was established by the Fabian Society and Community in February 2016. The centre is chaired by Yvette Cooper MP and supported by an advisory panel of policy makers, business people, civil society leaders and experts.

The work of the Changing Work Centre is undertaken by staff at the Fabian Society and Community.

The Team

  • Yvette Cooper

    Yvette is chair of the Changing Work Centre and editor of the book Changing Work: progressive ideas for the modern world of work (2016). Yvette is the member of parliament for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford. She has served in government as work and pensions secretary and chief secretary to the Treasury and is now chair of the home affairs select committee.
  • Jason Brock

    Jason joined the Changing Work Centre and the Fabians as Senior Researcher in April 2018. He was previously a teaching fellow at Royal Holloway, University of London where he taught the history of political thought and historical political economy to undergraduates and postgraduates. He is also a Councillor for Southcote ward on Reading Borough Council.

  • Olivia Bailey

    Olivia is a strategic director to the Changing Work Centre and deputy general secretary at the Fabian Society. Olivia oversees the Fabian Society research output and is the author of Progressive principles for Brexit negotiations (2017), Facing the Unknown: building a progressive response to Brexit (2016), and Politics by People: a new charter for democratic reform (2016).

  • Lauren Crowley

    Lauren is an associate fellow at the Changing Work Centre and head of research and policy at Community. Lauren leads on research and strategy for the unions work on the self-employed and the gig economy, as well as a range of industrial sectors. Previously she worked for the Scout Association where she led on the organisations strategy for integrating Scouting into the school day.

The Advisory Group

Lise Butler is a lecturer in history at City, University of London and an expert on the history of the Labour party.

Liam Byrne is MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill. He is a former chief secretary to the Treasury.

David Coats is the founder and director of Work Matters Consulting and a research fellow at the Smith Institute.

Simon Franks is a businessman who co-founded LoveFilm and works on a number of philanthropic enterprises.

Richard Freeman is a professor of economics at Harvard University and the author of numerous books, including Shared Capitalism at Work: Employee Ownership, Profit and Gain Sharing, and Broad-based Stock Options.

Joe Goldberg is a former Labour councillor in Haringey where he served as cabinet member for economic development, social inclusion and sustainability.

Lord Anthony Giddens is a Labour peer, a world-renowned sociologist and former director of LSE.

Kate Green is MP for Stretford and Urmston and former shadow minister for women and equalities.

Paul Gregg is professor of economic and social policy at the University of Bath and a commissioner on the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission.

Peter Kyle is MP for Hove. He has experience as an executive in the charity sector.

Sonny Leong is the chair of Chinese for Labour and a member of the development board of the Labour 1000 Club.

Claire McCarthy is general secretary of the Co-operative Party.

John Philpott is an economist specialising on the labour market and employment trends.

Norman Pickavance is a former group HR and communications director at Morrisons and was chair of the Fabian Society’s retail industry taskforce.

Tom Price is director of communications for Google and a former Labour party advisor.

Lady Margaret Prosser is a Labour peer and former President of the TUC.

Nicola Smith is head of equality and strategy at the TUC.

Stefan Stern is director of the High Pay Centre and sits on the Centre for Labour and Social Studies national advisory panel.

Bill Thomas is former executive vice-president of computer firm EDS EMEA and former chair of the Labour small business taskforce.

Anna Turley is MP for Redcar. She previously worked as a special advisor in the Department of Work and Pensions.

Ruth Yeoman manages the Centre for Mutual and Employee-owned Business at the University of Oxford, and is the author of Meaningful Work and Workplace Democracy.